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Washington and Moscow shouldn't try to find a place for tactical nuclear weapons in the overall balance of their relationship. Instead, the two countries should take them for what they are--weapons with absolutely no military value.
The Bulletin Online By Pavel Podvig | 14 September 2009 Of the many security quagmires confronting President Barack Obama, perhaps the most challenging is how he navigates the Bush administration's decision to place missile defense installations in Eastern Europe. As...
Their commitment to bilateral nuclear arms reductions dominated the headlines, but presidents Obama and Medvedev found additional common ground in Moscow that also should improve U.S.-Russian relations.
Inevitably, some analysts will use Pyongyang's nuclear test to question the feasibility of a nuclear-weapon-free world. But they're missing the point--a world full of nuclear weapons hasn't deterred North Korea either.
It's encouraging that Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev want to further limit the size of their nuclear arsenals, but any new treaty they formulate must also include strict verification measures.
By voluntarily subscribing to START reporting processes, France and Britain could keep the pressure on Russia and the United States to reduce their nuclear forces.

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